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The Unbound Coach

The Perspective that Makes the Difference

The Unbound Coach comes with a rich experience of Business Consulting, Strategy and Leadership Development which helps them gauge the right underlying concern and minimize the impact it can have on the business in the short and long term.

They are trained in aspects of Neuro Linguistics Programing, EFT, Situational Leadership, DISC, Emotional Analysis, Facets of Human Psychology and many more such techniques and tools to bring an all-encompassing perspective in their Coaching engagements.

All Unbound Coaches have four distinct principles imbibed in them, which they live by.

The Interplay of these principles drives their instincts, impulses and compassion to deliver exceptional results through each interaction.

Listen Unconditionally

Listening unconditionally is practicing focusing completely on every spoken and unspoken word to understand the context, the concern and the depth of the issue without being judgemental at any instance.

Commit Unabatedly

Accountability is a two way street and while we hold the client accountable for their actions and inactions, we are committed unabatedly to stand by them when they operate beyond their comfort zones and push them till it becomes their new playground, of course, with their alignment.

Question Unwaveringly

Question Unwaveringly is about asking powerful questions that lead one to reveal hidden layers, get present to blind spots, revisit perspectives, challenge assumptions, evoke discovery without seeking justification or looking backward.

Reflect Unpretentiously

Reflect Unpretentiously is about being a cause in the matter and hold a clear mirror for one to express openly, look at oneself with clarity, become aware and accept a varying perspective, express and create possibilities for a new paradigm.