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The Unbound Approach

To get a shift in the outcomes, organizations put time and effort working on areas which are in the visible peripheral range. These shifts, however, are short lived and the areas get addressed mostly only on a superficial level. This is primarily because there has been no change in the underlying beliefs which may be coming either from past based patterns or aspects that one may be blind to. This, most of the times, eventually leads to changes withering away in no time, returning to the old ways of operating.

Alarmingly, these limiting beliefs also make way into our relationships.

These relationships are the ones with self, with others, with family, with superiors, with money, with failure, with specific issues and other core elements governing our life. Restraints, so created in any of these relationships, start posing as hurdles in those precise areas leading to lower performance and results, quality of life and self-esteem.

The Unbound Approach works at a deeper level. It supports in creating long-term transformation in the Seeker’s limiting beliefs through an intense process:


The Unbound Approach unravels the specific core beliefs which limit one’s potential and makes one realize their impact on different areas and on their relationships, directly and indirectly. Unravel enables to determine the core area to be worked upon and sets the direction for Coaching.


Once the limiting beliefs are unraveled, the Coaching conversations delve into aspects of past conditioning and the constraints developing in relationship with self, others and situations. This is where the Seeker is diligently guided to unlearn those restrained beliefs and open up the limitations which sprung up in those relationships.


Unlearning creates a space open and ready for the Seeker to explore new, creative and innovative thoughts and ideas and a space for new opportunities.


A handholding process follows to support the Seeker while facing their earlier apprehensions and experiencing their new way of being while exercising and Unleashing their full potential.


The stage where the Seeker’s new way of being and acting becomes the new normal with a power to address and resolve challenges in such areas cropping up in the future.