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Chakradhar Varadarajan

Head Corporate Legal, Godrej Industries Ltd.

"My coaching experience with acumen thru Tanveer shaikh was a game-changer not only for me but for my entire team as our interactions were twice. what I learned is to be yourself & believe in one’s ability to make things happen one big transformation for myself I got is, right mind & focussed action points executed with confidence, self-belief & trust yield sustainable positive results; I would recommend others to take acumen/unbound coaching as I learned implementing trust-building is most essential in any endeavor for happiness."


Amin Rozani

Group CEO and member of the board Spartan Group

"My coaching experience was enlightening; What I learned is a 360 degree understanding of my role and how to manage and get results from people; One big transformation for myself that I got is an attitude to keep learning and how knowledge is correlated to growth; I would recommend others to take Acumen/Unbound coaching because it would help to be a better and a more effective leader."

Yogesh Dhoot

Head of Sales & Marketing - Gera Developments

"My coaching experience of being coached by Tanveer was professionally a paradigm shift for me. Though the coaching sessions were quite thought-provoking, a few takeaways on the topics of - temperament, respecting individuals, dynamics of teams and managing them, respecting individuals with all types of talent and competencies - were of very high impact to me. One of the biggest transformations that the coaching has brought in me is controlling my aggression & channelizing it aptly.

I highly recommend others to take up coaching from Acumen as the perspectives that you get unshackles you from your idiosyncrasies makes you discover a “new you”.