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About Us

There are the Outliers and then there is the Rest of the world!

There is an Outlier in each one of us wanting to break free from the walls built around by the world. And yet, there is only a handful who can find themselves, break through these walls, and live a life unbound, a life beyond our own resistance, a life with endless possibilities, true freedom, and absolute fulfillment.

Unbound Coaching is formed to support people to awaken this outlier in themselves and design their lives in their own way.

Unbound is a collaboration of coaches with diverse backgrounds with the same core belief, that leaders can be developed. They only need to be taken above the walls to a vantage point revealing the peaks they are meant to achieve and coached with the right approach to enable them to live a future unbound. Unbound works with organizations looking to enable their leadership teams to break from their mold and rise to these unbound potentials.

Unbound Coaching is a part of the Leadership Consulting practice of Acumen Business Consulting, a boutique consulting firm supporting organizations with Strategy, Processes, and Sales apart from Leadership Development.

Business leaders play a key role in shaping the organization's culture and the path that the business takes. Their own beliefs and judgements play a vital role in this journey. And hence challenges in these areas if overlooked can create hurdles and concerns in the long term.

Unbound Coaching helps business leaders to work on their challenges, resolve them and create a space for transformation in their own lives and their businesses.